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Tianneng global action | Technology Tianneng shines in the Indonesian market

Number Of Visitors : Release Time : May 19,2023

  On May 17,the president of Tianneng Global and the business team of the Indonesian country representative office in the Asia-Pacific region officially appeared at the Indonesia PEVS.As the first"show"of Tianneng brand in the Indonesian market,Tianneng Global has brought a series of new energy product solutions to the Indonesian market,injecting new vitality into the Indonesian green energy market.

Tianneng Landed in the Indonesia

  Globalization is an important strategy of Tianneng Global.Prior to this,Tianneng has carried out offline activities in many Southeast Asian countries,and has a relatively mature brand operation system in Vietnam,Thailand,the Philippines and other places.This entry into Indonesia not only marks the further expansion of Tianneng in the Asia-Pacific market,but also an opportunity for in-depth cooperation with the Indonesian government,enterprises,and investors,so as to pave the way for Tianneng's various activities and system construction in Indonesia in the future.

  At this exhibition,Tianneng booth received close attention from government departments and market partners.Mr.Moeldoko,Director of the Office of the President of Indonesia,Mr.Pan,Secretary-General of the New Energy Vehicle Industry Association,and a group of people came to the Tianneng booth and expressed their importance to the future development of the Indonesian new energy market.They warmly welcomed Tianneng,which is one of the China's leading new energy enterprises.

  At the press conference,the president of Tianneng Global introduced Tianneng Group's overseas layout and Tianneng's business promotion plan in the Indonesian market to the media and the public."We support the Indonesian government in accelerating the pace of net-zero emissions.One of the keys to ensuring the success of the energy transition is cooperation and partnership.As a leading new energy company in China,Tianneng Group is very willing to cooperate with every stakeholder,including the private enterprises and the Indonesian government,we wil cooperate to create mutually beneficial green energy development and achieve win-win goals.Tianneng Group's entry into the Indonesian market also shows that global enterprises are willing to participate in providing competitive system solutions for the development of the global new energy industry,and strive to make a sustainable contribution to global green and low-carbon development."

Tianneng Sodium-ion Battery Launched in Indonesia

  The first release of Tianneng sodium-ion battery is also a"blockbuster"of Tianneng.Tianneng Sodium-ion Technology is a landmark innovation that provides a revolutionary solution for sustainable energy storage and usage.Compared with traditional lithium-ion batteries,Tianneng sodium batteries have higher energy density,longer life and faster charging and discharging speeds.

  The appearance of Tianneng Sodium-ion Battery has attracted widespread attention in the Indonesian market.As an important breakthrough in green energy technology,Tianneng Sodium will provide strong support for Indonesia's sustainable energy development and help Indonesia realize clean energy transformation.The release of Tianneng Sodium-ion Battery also marks our new breakthrough in the field of green energy technology,which will provide more reliable,efficient and environmentally friendly solutions for energy transformation on a global scale.

Together For Future

  During the exhibition,Tianneng also signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Indonesian famous local car companies U Company,S Company(named on behalf of the company)and local service operators.Through the joint integration of resources and advantages,Tianneng and Indonesian enterprises will work together to jointly explore and promote innovative applications of green energy,including but not limited to R&D cooperation,technical exchanges,and project cooperation.By sharing technology and experience,we will jointly promote the development of green energy solutions and bring more efficient,reliable and environmentally friendly green energy options to the Indonesian market.This large-scale strategic signing marks the further deepening of Tianneng in the Indonesian market,and has laid a solid foundation for the cooperation between Tianneng and its partners in the field of green energy.

  Tianneng will use the market insight and industry experience of Indonesian companies to accelerate its development in the Indonesian market and better meet the needs of local users for green energy.At the same time,Indonesian enterprises will also benefit from Tianneng's advanced technology and solutions,and realize the goal of green energy transformation.Tianneng will work with partners to create green energy cooperation projects with Indonesian characteristics around the core of"win-win"and provides benchmark cooperation cases for global green energy development.