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Lithium Battery Technology

Longer service life, safer and more durable
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Excellent Safety Performance

The diaphragm adopts wet PE high strength membrane, which has low self-discharge rate and excellent safety performance of heavy object impact and extrusion.

Many kinds of safety additives are added to the electrolyte, and the battery performs well in the safety tests such as overcharge, hot box, short circuit and so on.

The cap adopts PTC thermistor element and CID power-off structure, so the safety performance is further guaranteed.


Long Life of Electric Cell

The positive electrode is made of Ternary Polymer 523 coating series, and the negative electrode is made of secondary particle artificial graphite, with excellent cycling performance, more than 1200 weeks at room temperature (capacity retention rate 70%).

The cycles of Tianneng ternary lithium electric products have reached 800 times (100%DOD, 80% EOL), which is far beyond the life of lead-acid batteries. A group of batteries can be easily used for 3 years, and the single use cost is lower!

LFP lithium electric products have been reserved to meet the 15-year warranty of ultra-long life products (10000 cycles), to meet customers' practical application needs in overseas markets!

1200 +
Number of cycles
85 %
Capacity retention
800 +
Product cycle

Better Cell Structure

Through the finite element thermal simulation analysis of the electrode, the lightening of current collector and isolation film, the structure of the core is optimized to the maximum extent, the performance is improved and the safety is ensured.

The high and low temperature performance of Tianneng lithium electric products is better, the low temperature (- 20℃) can reach more than 90%, the high temperature (55℃) can reach more than 95%.


Meet high current discharge

18650 series wide pole ear design, to meet the large current path, 3C rate discharge capacity ratio of more than 95%;

Negative electrode optimization hole structure, continuously improve the charging current;


The cell has a higher energy density and is lighter

Ternary material design specification, energy density increased by 20%; Through material breakthrough, the energy density of LFP cell is as high as 166Wh/kg. In limited small space, more high-energy materials are loaded; Light weight, high energy, long endurance.

Pack is smaller. The size of Tianneng lithium battery is almost 30%-40% of that of the same lead-acid battery under the same energy, which is more space saving, more versatile, and easier to install!


The high temperature performance of the cell is better

The positive electrode adopts ternary manganese-lithium composite system with high discharge platform;

55℃ discharge capacity ratio > 100%


Intelligent production and manufacture of battery

Automatic production line, control the cleanliness of 100,000 level; Control temperature 25℃±3℃;

To realize the product process quality control, the whole life cycle management, to achieve continuous improvement and quality enhancement