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TNEP Series

The TNEP Series are specifical designed and developed for long life deep cycle application.This series with a number of national patent technologies and the cycle life can reach 500-600 cycles at 100% DOD, it is highly durable to cyclic application such as electrical bicycle/tricycle, golf cart , EV etc. Tianneng Power deep cycle motive batteries take more than 45% market share in China domestic motive battery market.

Product Feature

Tianneng battery has good quality and excellent performance. What are the advantages of TNEP battery.

Longer Range
↑10% enhance  capacity,specific active formula,Enhanced active substance
Composite Dense active material, increase discharge rate, more adequate power supply, electric vehicles power lasts longer, easier to speed up
Powerful Power
↑15% discharge rate,Postive carbon fiber,Positive Quantum carbon Fiber
New conductive material, improve conductivity, more superior charge and discharge capacity,great power performance, strong battery power
Durable Product
↑50% Corrosion, Resistance of grid,Patent Rare Earth Alloy
The Honeycomb Rare Earth Alloy grid can reduce the internal resistance of the lead accumulator cell, improve the utilization ratio of the active materials, improve the energy-gathering characteristic of the battery, and increase the capacity of the battery greatly
Good quality.
100% praise from customers.
Top lead-acid battery production equipment, fully automatic operation, good product consistency and stable quality

All model parameters table

Types of motive deep cycle battery for sale,welcome global dealers to purchase our products。
Series nameNominal Voltage
Nominal Capacity
Capacity Range
Service Life
TNEP6V、12VC2012~400100%DOD 500~600 times